Brandon's Monologue Project

In this unit of World History, we learned about climate change. We read and talked about countries all over the world who are affected by climate change. My goals throughout the project were to portray different peoples opinions and thoughts on climate change, whatever they may be. I wanted to portray the thoughts of a timid business man, a successful company owner and an environmental activist.

Ichabod Cheeks

(To peers)Umm, yes.. my name is Ichabod Cheeks. I am a succesfu.. no an average business man. I...I think that with...with the help of our government we can put an end to global warming! I mean if that is okay with everyone. Not to step on anyones toes or anything. Well, maybe they need to be stepped on!.....Or maybe not! Heh Heh. Actually, no this is an important issue! I am tired of our government constantly lying to our faces. It doesn’t take a man from Fresno to see that! Even stevie wonder could see that. It is appalling that our so called leaders are not doing what they need to to correct this impending issue. They are carelessly wasting money on irrelevant things for no reason at all.(Pause)They even spent 750 thousand dollars on a soccer field for inmates at guantanamo bay! Yet the US complains about not having funding for schools. But what do I know? I am just a lowly man who has an opinion. Even though my opinion won’t be heard. But I won’t be ignored! I will do whatever it takes to make my voice heard! Never again will my opinion be neglected. I’m sick of people constantly taking me for granite. Well, will they not listen to me when their whole words are turned upside down?(Pause)Not again will we not help a country who will suffer at the hands of a hurricane! They will hear my voice and the will feel our wrath. The people's wrath!

Florida Stevens(Video)

Your Honor, Jury, climate change is more fuss than harm! Sure there have been natural disasters and thats sad and all, but I don’t believe it’s reason enough that I’m in court before all of you now.(Pause) Yes I know my company is a big fossil fuel burner. I don’t see why that has to do with anything. (Pause) So what if a few people get hurt in a natural disaster. That’s not our problem! They need to toughen up and strive instead of babying about a small amount of property damage.(Pause) What do you mean I am out of order? We aren’t the ones suffering because of a little rain.(Court banter, Judge calms everyone down) Pfff...order in the court, you wouldn’t know order if it hit you like a tsunami. At this rate, your honor, I do not have time for this. For some reason, you can’t get it through your thick skulls, that climate change isn’t that deep of an issue! You’re a pack of fools! Every last one of you!(Pause) I’m being sued for how much?
But...but why? You are blowing this way out of proportion! Please, I’m begging you! Don’t do this!
I was just trying to own a business and now I’m being sued for it?

Jermaine Flowers

(To the crowd) Hello! My name is Jermanie Flowers and welcome to the 3rd annual San Diego Envo-Con.(Crowd cheers, Jermaine guides the crowds attention back to him) Yes, I know all of you are as excited as me but we should all give thanks and pause to our dear mother nature(Pauses for moment of silence) Alrighty then! Our first order of business is to go to congress! We need them to pass a bill to incriminate everyone negligent on climate change. And if they refuse, we will unleash our master plan!(Crowd gasps in anticipation) We will block all traffic in San Diego, New York and Washington DC!(Crowd cheers) Then congress will have to pay attention to us. We’ll see then how they like it when they can’t get to their jobs. Then they won’t be able to burn anymore of those horrible gasses into our precious air! All hail mother Nature!(Crowd cheers)

Monologue 2 video