Brandon Jones Art portfolio

This quarter opened many opportunities to create many interesting pieces of art. Freedom of Art played a big role in every piece in this Portfolio. The first piece in the portfolio was to create a collage of whatever the artist wanted. When making this, I chose the video games that have impacted my life and inspired me to make art and to be more creative. The next piece I created was an edit of a photo of my choice. The piece after that was a fabric drawing. With that we had to show the shadowing and creases of the object we drew. The last piece we had to create was an illustration of a piece of writing such as a poem or a novel. The poem I chose was Shel Silversteins The Diving Board and then I illustrated it. The poem reads: "You’ve been up on that diving board
Making sure that it’s nice and straight.
You’ve made sure that it’s not too slick.
You’ve made sure it can stand the weight.
You’ve made sure that the spring is tight.
You’ve made sure that the cloth won’t slip.
You’ve made sure that it bounces right,
And that your toes can get a grip– –
And you’ve been up there since half past five
Doin’ everything … but DIVE.