Brandon Jones Art Portfolio Q1

For Q1 I drew I created a ceiling tile, fall wall hanging and a charcoal self portrait. For the first project, we were assigned the ceiling tile. I chose to do a comic book cover from DC Rebirth, the newest reboot of comics for DC comics. I was unsure how to go about it first. I decided to use only grey and black for the characters. The second project was a fall wall hanging. I decided to do a Jason Vorhees mask, as I felt it was appropriate for the season as Halloween was approaching. For the third project we had to create a self portrait using charcoal. I felt as though this project would take a lot of time and attention to detail. I enjoyed this one the most out of all the other projects we did. Unfortunately I was unable to create the water color painting due to the SEPTA strike and my inability to come to school. Finally, I enjoyed this quarter. I learned many helpful techniques and I look forward to future projects.