Brendan Hall Capstone

Initially for my capstone I was unsure whether or not to make a music blog for the project or submit my own music. I ended up doing both and described how the process of creating music has led to me gaining confidence and coping with personal issues. While on the other hand I was able to do research on how music can boost academic and emotional atributes with young people. I also provided an outlet for people passionate about music within the SLA community to share their story on how it has positively impacted them. Finally, I recommended albums on my website that I believe can make people become aware of human issues while giving them emotionally relatability. My inquiry question was, "How can music positively affect someone on an intellectual and emotional level?". Through my capstone I was able to discover that music can depict social issues enhacing their intellect while also providing shared emotional experiences with others that would likely not exist. 


Brown, Laura Lewis. "The Benefits of Music Education." PBS. May 25, 2012. Accessed May 01, 2019. 

This provides details on how music can coincide with academic skills or intellect.

Cantor, Avi. E-mail interview by author. February 22, 2019. 

Avi has a musical passion and started his own music blog which is why I wanted to use him as a source of collaboration. 

"Thousands Gather At Blue Slide Park To Remember Mac Miller." Interview by Dave Highfield. Youtube. September 11, 2018. Accessed March 16, 2019. 

This interview shows how music can emotionally impact someone because a person revealed that Mac Miller's music helped him cope with suicidal thoughts. 

Outline, The. YouTube. March 02, 2017. Accessed May 01, 2019. 

The source describes how Kevin Abstract's music has impacted others to feel more represented/confidence, hence boosting their emotional state. 

Standley, Jayne M., Jane E., and Hughes. "Evaluation of An Early Intervention Music Curriculum for Enhancing Prereading/Writing Skills." OUP Academic. November 01, 1997. Accessed May 01, 2019. 

This reveals how studies depict those with musical backgrounds are more likely to be receptive towards verbal learning than ther counterparts, showing how music can increase intellect. 

Orion, Kia. Phone interview by author. March 22, 2019 

Kia "Mr. O" Orion is someone who I've had the pleasure of having a cordial friendship with and actually moved to Thailand to dive deeper into his musical passion which is why I used him as a source. 

Rochester, Raymond. in person interview by author, April 8, 2019

Raymond is someone known within the school to constantly reference his favorite musicians and also rap in school. This is why I used him to illustrate the positive effects music had on him. 

"Pete Davidson On SMD Special and Love of Kid Cudi." Interview by Charlamagne. October 25, 2016. Accessed January 27, 2019. 

This interview shows Pete Davidson talking about Kid Cudi's music saving him from wanting to commit suicide showing how emotionally powerful music has been to him. 

Matthews, Wes. In person interview.  March 25, 2019 

Wes vocal about his enjoyment of self expression from poetry and music. He has been releasing music for several years which is why I desire to ask him about the intellectually and emotional impact of music. 

Lahr, Alexa. phone interview. April 14, 2019 

Alexa has been releasing her own music since I met her which is why I reached out to her to state the importance of music in her life.