Brian Birkmire Captsone

​My Capstone project was to host an Ultimate Frisbee tournament with my peer Julian Makarechi called “Hip-Hop” for other high school teams all around Philadelphia. The purpose of the project was to not only give back to the teams that consistently host tournaments but to also build networks with PADA, PHUEL, and  the other teams attending. We worked with many people to get supplies like snacks, cones, porter potties, and merchandise. It was a difficult process but the outcome was magnificent and everything went smooth. We were able to have a two day tournament (Saturday & Sunday) at the field in Oaks, PA, for all of the boys teams while the girls played Saturday only. In total, we had about 16 teams that came out to support us. I learned from this experience how to put myself out there and step outside my comfort zone. I also learned what it takes to create an event and how much time and effort is put into it.



#1 Chris Lehmann (Coach of SLA Boys Varsity Ultimate/Principle of Science Leadership Academy) "Chris Lehmann." Interview by Brian J. Birkmire. Chris Lehmann. SLA Varsity Ultimate. Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA, n.d. Television.”

This is a reliable source because Mr. Lehmann has been playing for 23 years and is well known throughout the entire Ultimate world. He has been a huge asset and a wonderful mentor, giving us the right knowledge to complete tasks and contact the right associates. Also, he has been to and played at hundreds of tournaments throughout his Frisbee career, so he knows exactly what to have at the events. There were no limitations to this source because we can ask Lehmann anything at any given moment.

#2 "Home." Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>”

This is a reliable source because it has contacts of everyone we’ve already and will be in communication with. We used the website to find the Program Director of PADA, Rick Atkins. Also, this website gives information on how long the people have been in charge and have worked for PADA. This website is useful because it gives a schedule for any upcoming events that I can attend, also allowing us to promote our tournament. This source’s only limitation is what it can offer, but it gave us plenty of information to work with and especially who to keep in touch with to have everything we need for the tournament.

#3 Rick Atkins (PADA Program Director) "Rick Atkins." Interview by Brian J. Birkmire. Rick Atkins. PADA. Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA, n.d. Television.”

Rick has been a huge asset to the entire capstone project. I can’t tell you how many emails we’ve exchanged getting us much detailed information as possible. Rick has helped us immensely with what to have, what to bring, who to contact, when to contact them and much more. We are continuously in communication with Rick, even if it means we must send emails consistently, but it is imperative that we get any and all information necessary. We will continue to keep in touch with him about the finalization of our tournament. There are no limitations to this source because we can ask Rick for help at any time about anything.

#4 "Philadelphia Spinners - Major League Ultimate." Philadelphia Spinners. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015 <>”

This source has been very reliable because it allows Julian and I to contact the professional Ultimate representatives. The Philadelphia Spinners are the professional team for this wonderful city, and play in the MLU (Major League Ultimate). The Spinners are popular, not only in the Ultimate world, but luckily this will gives us ideas on what to add to what we already have. The Spinners hold events all the time, so we can gain some inspiration from their past events. Also, if possible, we can get some Spinners players to attend our tournament and give autographs and lessons. This source has no limitations besides what is on the website, but we can always contact people in the Spinners management.

#5 "The 10 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Event." The Fundraising Authority RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>”

This was one of the first websites we visited to get a good idea of what it takes to have a fundraising event. Most of the information was straight forward and very detailed in what a fundraiser really means and how to get it to work. The step by step process gave us a good idea on what to do next. Currently, we use the steps as a checklist to ask ourselves did we do everything they are saying works. Although it’s the basics, they are essential to creating a successful fundraising event. There are only some limitations to the source like the fact there’s only 10 steps given.

#6 "Rob Jenkins." Interview by Brian J. Birkmire. Rob Jenkins - Former SLA Ultimate Player. SLA Varsity Ultimate. Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA, n.d. Television.”

This source would have to be the best. Rob has previously played with Julian and I for about three years at SLA. He also was captain before Julian and I, so not only has he been a teammate but a former friend. Rob’s capstone was the creation of a frisbee tournament he called it Huck to the Moon. We wanted to continue his ideas and this is how we decided on our capstone. Rob has been very helpful in letting us know who we should contact and has also given us tips to improve from his tournament. We chose this source because we felt who would be better than someone that has done this exact event before on his own. Rob has given us lots of support and we know we can ask him anything and he will lend us a hand. This source has no limitations because we can ask Rob for any favor and he will help Julian and I.

#7 "Breakmark | Breakmark Apparel." Breakmark. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>“

This source has been very reliable because they are a business that creates Ultimate Frisbee apparel. We have been in constant contact with one of their representatives about the jerseys and other clothes we will be selling at the tournament. He also has helped us with logo ideas and finalizations on the jersey color schemes with the clothing and the logo together. He also has ensured us that when we give him the exact dates for the tournament he will have all the products ready and prepared to selling on time throughout the entire event. This source has no limitations because we can consistently ask for any new products and clothing.

#8 "Projects - Skyd Magazine." Skyd Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>”

This source is full of Ultimate News all around the world. Skyd is a website we use to check out current Ultimate news and information. They always have great writers putting out interesting articles. They also describe major events all around the country and update the news about it. This notifies us of any upcoming events that would be inspirational to know about. This source’s only limitations is that we can’t watch the events live or know how they set everything up.

#9 "Ultimate Frisbee Field Dimensions and Layout Tool | Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker." Ultimate Frisbee Field Dimensions and Layout Tool | Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.<>”

This source is reliable because it gives us the proper dimensions for an Ultimate Frisbee field. Being host of the entire tournament, it will be our responsibility to prepare everything and set everything up, including the fields. We are only given a specific square foot area of space and must make the right amount of fields to withhold the brackets of teams. This means Julian and I must know how many fields we can fit given the limited space we have. I chose this website because it’s a perfect example for what we will need. This source has no limitations because it’s specifically on one topic that I needed to find so it is a great source.

#10 "USA Ultimate." USA Ultimate. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>”

This is a reliable source because it is the heart and soul of Ultimate Frisbee. The USA Ultimate is the main life source of any and all Ultimate in the entire country. Their website is filled with information on important Frisbee representatives and the “top dogs.” The website also has the Official US Ultimate Rulebook, which is something important to the entire tournament. The rulebook states any and all rules that teams must obey when playing. This is important to the tournament because it will be used throughout the day. This websites is a good source because we can have access to the rules at anytime during the day if needed. There is no limitations to this source because we can use the Contact Us section if we need any questions answered.