Briana's Manga

For this project I really wanted to finally make a successful chapter of a manga I've been working on for quite some time. I enjoying drawing so I didn't see anything better to do than to draw. Since I'm not mega great with writing, I'd figure I just tell my story in a way I could best tell it...which happens to be drawing it out as a manga! What I hope is gained from this from my audiance is that they can see the hard work that was put into this drawing as well as the story because drawing isn't easy nor is it a quick thing to do (especially drawing like 50 panels in total for only 27 pages). I think I've gotten better drawing wise as well as I know my limit. I understand how much I can do in a day and how much I can finish over a period of time. This was never supposed to be easy so I hope that others can see and witness all of my hardwork within these 27 pages. 

Click here to read Vol. 1 Chl. of Watashi no hason Buraddo.