Briana Stroman - Spaghetti w/ Ground Beef (w/ cheese)


- Mantia's Italiano Spaghettii Noodles (2 boxes, 16oz each)

- Robusto! Ragú Sauce (2 bottles, 8oz each)

- Ground Chuck Beef 80/20 (32oz)

- (extra) Coburn Farms Italian Style 6 Cheese Blend (12oz)

- Sea Salt

- Ground Pepper

- Garlic Salt


- Cook ground beef until it turns brown.

- Drain ground beef juice.

- Take a big pot and put 3 quarts of water in it. Wait for water to boil.

- Take both packs on noodles, break noodles up, and put them into the boiled water. Leave in pot for 10-12 mins.

- Drain noodles.

- Put noodles back in pot, put ground beef in pot. Stir around so ground beef can get everywhere. Put two bottles of sauce in pot. Stir around so sauce can get everywhere. Put more salt, pepper, and garlic on spaghetti.

- Heat spaghetti, put cover on top of pot for about 2 mins.

- If you want, put cheese on top and let simmer, then there you go: spaghetti with ground beef and cheese.

Well, to my knowledge pasta came from traditional Italian cuisine. I really don't believe my dish was organically grown. I believe everything was processed. When I say that, I mean the brands that I used. By estimate, my ingredients didn't cost more than $20. Actually, the salt, pepper, and garlic salt I already head. The cheese is not mandatory, but I love pasta with cheese. Coburn Farms products are always dairy.  The ground beef is processed, and approved by the USDA. Ragú sauce has been used in italian meals since 1937. Honestly, there isn't much research on my products, probably because they are all processed foods.

Well, my family makes pasta a lot. So, it is something like our traditional meal. If I could compare the meal being cooked at home, and spaghetti out in restaurants, its about the same price. Honestly, if I were to make a different meal, I would pick a mean BUT I would research my ingredients first before cooking. I probably would have more information to provide for this project.

Personal Reflection

This whole food unit changed the point of view of food from what I’ve had once before. I can say that it’s a shame for me to change Senior year, but it’s never bad. Maybe it’s because before this unit, I was never so worried about details. But now, not only am I aware, but I’ve made my family aware too. Well, my mother has always been aware, but besides class she has talked me into changing my habits. I’ve learned how to grow healthier food, and I’ve learned more about diabetes than I’ve been told before. I was honestly happy to know the information because diabetes runs in my family. I will try my best to not forget what I have learned in this unit once this semester is over. I have a feeling that I might get back into the habit of eating so much junk.

Anyways, I need to learn how to try different things. By taste, I’ll decide of it’s nasty or not. The sad honest truth is, the only fruit I’ll eat is sour grapes, and the only greens I eat is string beans, the French kind. I use to eat corn, carrots, and some others. But as I got older, my eating habits have changed. So, one of my main goals is to get back to that habit of eating healthy.

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