Briannie Matos: Printmaking

Printmaking is a way of making art. Printmaking are designs and pictures printed on a more likely a plate or block. Sharpening tools are used to carve a design out. After your design is carved out, you would use ink to transfer the design onto the surface you want the design on. Printmaking is important because art has a way of speaking to everyone. There are so many beautiful designs that people have carved out. Engraving is one of the oldest art forms and throughout the centuries, it has turned into printmaking.

Image result for Printmaking designs

This design is a common design but very beautiful. I notice how the top of the design is white over black and the bottom is black over white. I wonder what made the artist to it this way but it was a good choice. I also noticed how the background of both trees aren’t similar. It’s cool like that because it’s like giving you 2 sides of the tree and the weather of where the tree is at.