Brittany Cooper's Home Network

​2. Comcast is my I.S.P which is also connected to internet, who is a server to the World Wide Web. The cable wire is connected to the Modem. The modem provides internet connection also known as wifi. The Wii, two I-phone, two HTC One X's, as well as my Mac Book Pro & my 8500 hp Office Pro Printer are connected to the wireless router. 

3. I learned that your home network is more than just internet. It is a World Wide Web. You might not know it but a lot is connected to the internet Such as phones , computers, I-pads etc. 

4. Something that people need to know about having ISP/Home Network is that it is expensive, depending on who the server is. Also that everything that you is forever on the internet. It never goes away, even is you think you "erased" it.