Budget Cuts

I find it very interesting that people, specifically adults, are constantly telling younger children that their education is important and that is important to figure out what you want to do with your life so that we can help better America's future however, they take away things that we students need the most. School is not supposed to be a place where all you do is math,english,history and science. School is supposed to help students figure out what they a have a passion for while gaining knowledge necessary to get a great career in what ever field it is that we are passionate about. The idea of SLA without electives is absolutely crazy. I know that if sports and electives are taken out, more kids will begin to drop out of high school. I think we all need to figure out away to ration the money better so that schools can continue to have electives and sports. In my opinion school is the MOST important thing in my life and without proper education the probability of me becoming a unique and helpful part of civilization is very slim. It's a shame that some people honestly believe it is a good idea to drop school budget down 300 million dollars. I'm terrified of what school will be like next year if my school looses out on 17,000 dollars. We are the future of America. Without education what will we be or better yet, what will America be?  However, I do understand why some may believe that this is necessary. I have noticed that a lot of people believe Philadelphia is becoming a waste land and that there is no point in helping people who seem to not really care about their education. I just feel badly because I do understand that there are people in Philly who really want to succeed but can get their voices heard.