Budget Cuts- Philadelphia School District

​To whom it may concern, 

I wanted to talk about the budget cuts and how they shouldn't happen from my point of view. I am a student from Science Leadership Academy who loves playing sports and trying new things. With the budget cuts, after school activities, and sports programs would be abolished. This year I started playing this cool sport called Ultimate Frisbee which my friends and principle got me into. I wouldn't want this to be taken from me because it has really been a stress release and a great way to stay in shape. I work to get better in this sport and am dedicated to my school's team. From this I keep up my grades so I will be able to play. With the budget cuts all my hard work and dedication would have been for nothing. Also, with the abolishments of after school activities in the city of Philadelphia more students from all over would be wondering the streets instead of being productive, and this would cause more "flash mobs", and fights in our city. I hope you understand that the students of Philadelphia including myself truly needs sports programs. Thank you for your time and consideration and hopefully change can be made 

-Pierce Luck