One topic I feel that needs to be addressed is bullying. It is such a powerful thing and I feel it should be mentioned.The bullies don't even realize how effective what they're doing is. Over the internet, phone or in person. Bullying is bullying. There are a a lot of different reasons. The bullies feel insecure and they need someone to pick on and make them feel better about them self. Jealousy is a major reason. Like the bully isn't as pretty and the one person gets all the attention, so the bully just hates it so much she tries to make her feel bad. Because the other person is different. For example gay. When in reality there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

These are just a few examples of what bullying could be about. If bullying of any kind is done to the point where person getting bullied is starting to feel so awful about them self they let the bully win. They take their own life. It's a heart breaking thing. It really is.