Bureaucracy Project: American Government- FAFSA

My partner Cody Nichols were assigned to investigate the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. We checked out the paperwork and steps that are involved in completing a FAFSA. We designed a flow chart to simplify this somewhat long process.
We went to the main website for the FAFSA and referred to the Frequently Asked Questions to determine which points we needed to make clear on the flow chart. 
We had to fill out the FAFSA, 1040 tax return form, and the pre-FAFSA worksheet. Most of it was straight forward we just cleared up any confusion with Ms. Laufenberg. 
Overall, it wasn't too hard and actually helped me since I will be filling out the FAFSA in January. If I were to change anything about the flow chart I could've made the paths a little clearer. 
However, the FAFSA process scares some students and I am confident that this flow chart will definitely help outline what is most important. So although it is slightly confusing, it gets the job done. 
FAFSA flow chart_ttomasco_cnichols
FAFSA flow chart_ttomasco_cnichols