Bureaucracy Project: American Government - FAFSA

For this Bureaucracy Project my partner Taylor Tomasco and I were assigned to create a flow chart on how to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA). This process involved researching all of the documents needed to complete the FAFSA process. Although we as students cannot complete the FAFSA until January 1st, this flow chart will assist all students preparing to enter into college. This flow chart shows the documents needed, the actual FAFSA form from last year, so that students could get an idea of what the form looks like on paper or online.

We referred to the FAQ, on the FAFSA website to know what information we needed to add to our flowchart, so that no information was misleading. We also printed out the tax forms a student would need, or that their parents would need when filling out this form. We created an alias name and identity to go along with the forms, so that a replica of the forms could be easier to understand; henceforth what information goes where. Filling out this information was a little difficult, because all the information on each page had to make sense.

If we were to change one thing about this Bureaucratic Project, then it would be to document what actually goes into filling this form out; the process, papers, time, and effort with accuracy.

This process has become so complicated in the past decades is because many people attempt to steal others identities so that they could receive a free education. Although there is a limited amount of money, people attempt to use another persons identity to receive the most benefits.

Link to Flow Chart:


FAFSA flow chart_ttomasco_cnichols
FAFSA flow chart_ttomasco_cnichols