Camara Fatoumata Capstone

Applying to college can be a full-time job. National Commitment Day is a big thing that is apart of the new chapter that we are about to begin. All around people are celebrating the next step they are about to take in this new chapter. With our final sale days coming to an end a celebration is well needed. We worked hard for 4 years and to celebrate that growth would be exciting. 
 For my capstone, I decided to throw a college signing commitment day event. Before I planned this event out I had my internship at Go Believe. Go Believe taught me about advertising, communication, and marketing. Each of these topics helped me create my event. My process included collaborating with the senior class, coming up with activities and promoting my event. Before my event officially happened it was a cross-event that interfere with the original plans for my original event plans for my capstone. I had to get permission from both of my principals for my new event to take place. After I got permission I started to plan out all of my ideas and turned it into what it was. The activities that took place included each of the students standing in front of everyone one by one and saying the school they were attending in the fall and their intended major. After that was played a series of games that helped us enjoy our final days together. We played games like musical chairs, clusters, dance battle, and charades. We even let the underclassmen join in the fun by playing games with them and answering any questions they had about the college process.

Woodward, Melanie. “5 Event Planning Skills You Need for Success.” The Balance,
This source gave vivid steps of how you should plan events. The article had 5 important steps that are important for event planning. Each of the steps will help me create good events without having so much trouble. Source also gave tips on how to throw a professional event. The source is going to help me because of they a lot of information that was fully descriptive and could help me. With being a first-time event planner these tips can help me improve on what needs to be done and things that I can avoid. This source gives me ideas about how each tip should be processed.

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This site has steps to create a successful event. Each of the steps is steps that will help me prepared for everything else that will come my way. This website gave useful tips I may need since I’m dealing with high school people who might not like my events. Some tips were talking about how to deal with people, being organized, having a budget and staying in that range and etc. The source gave me a detailed way of how to plan a good event. Each step gave good reasoning of how things should go and what you should do when something goes wrong. Event planning won't be easy but with this source, it will be useful for me to go back to make sure I'm not missing it. 

Beers, Geoff. “5 Questions Every Event Planner Should Ask.” The Balance, 
When your event planning or planing someone else event you have to make the clients happy with what they want. For each of my event, I have to make sure people are satisfied with what they asked for. The source gives potential questions that I can ask people for their ideas. Event planning allows you to be creative for entertainment and other things. Asking people for input will help me know how to make a great event. Event planners need the skills of thinking and knowing what the event is going to call for. Planning ahead will help me give more time to make the event perfect. 

!0 Tips on Event Planning.
This source gives 10 successful tips that event planners use to manage an event. With each event, you have a goal at the end. Everyone wants to reach that goal but you need to follow tips and steps to create a successful event. Each tip had a reasoning behind it and if something goes wrong we need to have a second plan. When you are event planning you need to be flexible so you can respond to changing demands very calmly. Backups plan are very necessary because anything can go wrong at any moment. These tips are very useful for me in the future. 

“Top 10 Tips for Successful Event Management |.” Brighton School of Business and Management, 1 Jan. 2016,

Advertising is a big deal when you want to show your work and get people to come through the door. If I want people to come through the door you have to show them something that will catch their eye. In this source, I saw important and helpful tips that will help me plan my advertisement and how I would want it done. Each of the tips was described very vividly so that you can have a good advertisement. This will help me in my capstone because this is the number one thing I will need to if I want people to come to my event. It gave some good management tips for me.

Event Marketing | What Is Event Marketing?
This source talks about event management which is a strategy that event planners use to contact people face to face with their companies. Marketing entertainment also reaches consumers. The source gives each step of event management, how its played out and talks about event marketing which also is another way that event planners use to target audience. The website is very descriptive breaks down each part of event management and event marketing. It talks about how it works, what steps you need to take to reach that potential goal and how it can help you in the long run.  

Lyons, Darlene. Event Planning.
This source is a video which a lady who is an event planner that talks about being an event planner, the process of event planning and how to impress the clients. In the video, the lady talks about her personal experiences with her clients and some of the risks that may come with the job. This source is a reliable source because it comes from personal experiences so it gives me a better intake of things and how it will all work out. She goes on and shows us some of her own events she planned herself. She showed the steps she took to complete her tasks to plan a successful event. 

Nielsen, Annette. How To Start Your Event Planning Business.
In this source, Ms.Annette covers all of the basics of event planning. She went over event management and event planning. She also explains how you tie in marketing and management with your event. Event planners need to have skills like organizations, networking, personality and have the details of the client down. She talks about having the clients personalities down because people want their personalities and themselves through the event. This source was the most detailed and honest work because she was very honest. She talks about the pros and cons that come along with event planning. Event planning can be very stressful because you want to give it your all and give you the client the best event. 

Kilkenny, Shannon. “The Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning.” Google Books,
This source showed me the importance of my capstone. The author was very descriptive with her stories and her opinions. Her opinions talk about how she dealt with the pressure of event planning, her process of event planning and networking which she used to value the understanding of the relationships with her clients, and companies. She talks about her education and her training towards event planning. She talked about the process of her schooling. She says speech is a number one thing that is very important because communication is key. “Focusing on people as much as on the planet is the future viability of our business.

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