Camp Rock: A Film Noir

Just imagine, Joe Jonas as a teen detective, and the love of his life (Demi Lovato of course) goes missing. Yes, we know, we just might of made your childhood a tad bit better because yes, we made Camp Rock a film noir.

To begin, we will explain why we chose to create a trailer. Our goal was for our viewers to imagine the entire movie as a film noir, and the only way to do that was through a trailer. A scene would only allow our viewers to enjoy a single segment of the movie, prohibiting their imagination to go beyond that one part. What a trailer does, is touch many parts of the film to create a visual story with little to no detail. That not only intrigues viewers to watch the whole thing, but it is also a way to leave the movie up for interpretation because everyone has different viewpoints.

A film noir cannot be described with just one thing. What makes noirs so magnificent is that they are filled with the unexpected, whether that means the storyline, or just the question as to why it rains 365 days out of the year. When making the trailer we made sure to include one aspect that every noir has, and that aspect is no color, just black and white. After changing the color of the film we watched many noir trailers, and found that light music played in the background the entire time. We chose the song we chose for our trailer because of how soothing yet mysterious it was. We also made sure to use a limited amount of dialogue because emotion, reaction, and expressions are important in noirs. Sometimes a reaction can say way more than just a simple “Wow!’. Let’s not forget the love interest too. We get a glimpse of that love between the Detective and Mitchie, but we’re careful not to show too much because we still want some of it to remain a mystery. Unfortunately, we couldn’t add the magic 365 days a year rain. What we did instead, is make the film a bit darker so viewers can at least get the feeling that it was about to rain in every scene. At first, the trailer might seem too dramatic, but what film noir isn’t over dramatized?

In our opinion, our noir trailer is much better and more entertaining than the regular Camp Rock trailer. In the regular trailer, you are given several story lines that you have to follow in just the trailer. It becomes unclear as to what the main character is looking for. In this trailer, you are given one story line, Mitchie is missing, and only one person can find her, Detective Gray. Also, let’s not forgot all the different songs that are played in the original trailer. In our noir trailer there’s only one song that plays in the background the entire time. The goal of a trailer is to leave you wanting more. We add mystery and excitement in our trailer. So many questions are left unanswered and people have to watch it if they want the answers. It’s just as simple as that.


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Addy Gonzalez and Hanna Dunakin