Can, Can't and Will - Genero Accooe

Hey mom I’m home. Yeah my day was good. Okay let’s see what I have to do for tonight…What did you ask?... Sorry mom I can’t, I have a ton of homework. “Phew”. Feels nice to sit down after a few hours worth of walking, god I love my bed.

Man I can’t believe they’d assign me 3 projects, due all on the same day!?!? I mean c’mon man what the hell am I supposed to do all by myself. English is already hard enough having to write essays. I mean I have like… The worst writers block in the world. (Exaggerate)And I have to read on top of that, (chuckles) Nooo thank you. Jesus crisps cookies… why is this math so hard I can’t even look at it- (phone buzzes) Oooh shit, that new update for clash is up! No! I don’t have time to play it, ughhhh. This is exactly why I don’t like homework. What ever, I can’t afford to bomb these projects, not when grades are almost in. This is exactly why I don’t like homework.

(Phone buzzes again) Well... it’s only 7:50 so I should be able to get this done before the morning. No! Stay focussed!(Phone buzzes) Ohh but Idubbbz came out with a new vid- AND FRANK?!?!?!  Hell yeah boi aww! I gotta watch this real quick(Starts to type fast for two seconds) Hahaha. (Uncontrollable laughter, puts hand over mouth) (Maybe six seconds later, video ends) (Sigh)Ahh god that was too funny man…(raises wrist to look at his watch) Ok, ok it’s 8:30. I still got some time left to finish but god my eyes are starting to hurt just looking at the work. (Yawn!) Man, and now  I’m way too tired to do this. Fifteen minutes couldn’t hurt. (Yawn)… (Yawn) Jesus, 11:39? What the hell, I can’t believe I overslept, I KNEW this was going to happen if I took a nap (silent for a few seconds). I guess I gotta use my last resort.

(Starts typing fast) Dear - Mr. Dadadadada, with the mountains of assignments I’ve been given over the past week I have no other choice but to ask you for an extension. I know that I can’t get all of my homework and projects done before tomorrow. (Typing stops for about a second or so, Rich lets out a “hmmm”) If I can receive an extension that would be wonderful. (Mutters under breath)”hit Send”. (click) There, one teacher down three more to go. Alright (Breathes out).

Dear Ms.So’n’so…(typing stops briefly then starts back up) My apologies for not writing sooner but I wanted to know if I could receive an extension on the project that is due. I know that I have some fault in in this.( Quick pause) But you must understand, I’ve been given a ton of extra work that I know that I can’t finish in time on top of your assignment. I know that this could help my grade and myself personally if given the extension. I hope you have a wond-(Stop). (Firm tone) No. No, no, No! (Just a little quieter) Delete all of it.

(Fast typing) Dear Mr.Dadadadada and Ms.So’n’so. I’m sorry for not starting the project earlier but I have a problem… I’m not asking for an extension but to take it back. I never really needed it in the first place. I was too busy forcing myself into thinking that I couldn’t do the work when in reality, I just didn’t want to. I know that almost everyone gets writers block, or finds some of their work to be challenging but I can’t use that to justify my choices. I can see that receiving an extension would only damage my grade and my image towards you, the teachers. I can’t use all of these excuses to justify my actions, that would make me incompetent and hurt my grade and my education. I just want you to know that I will be trying my hardest form now on, no more waiting and no more excuses. Sincerely, Richard Bee. (Drawn out)And, send.(click)

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Majo Bostani (Student 2019)
Majo Bostani

This monologue brought the character to life as a procrastinator, and someone who has a lot on his mind. I really enjoyed being the voice actor for this, as this is really relatable to what I go through.

Messele Asfaw (Student 2019)
Messele Asfaw

What brought the character to life was how you included what he was doing, like if he's typing, it would have in parenthesis (fast typing). The plot and story also added to how it made this character feel real.

Ahmed Ahmed (Student 2019)
Ahmed Ahmed

I really like how this monologue can relate to me, and many other students. There were so many details in this monologue which made me as a reader feel as if I were a part of the story. Excellent work Genero!

Christina Santana (Student 2019)
Christina Santana

I liked that you gave your character a common struggle, but yet you ended your monologue in a creative way. I thought the distractions and excuses that your character went through greatly helped in bringing them to life.