Antonio Flores Capstone: The Smartphone's Influence on Photography

For my capstone, I wanted it to focus on something that I like to do. I chose to talk about how smartphones have affected the photography industry. I like photography and enjoy taking pictures. In this capstone, I took picture on my Iphone and with a camera. I compared the quality of the the two and talked about what looked better. I talked about which was more convenient to use and why. Many people don't want to spend extra money on a dedicated camera and because of this, people would rather just buy a smartphone with a good camera. Camera's can be very expensive and require a certain level of knowledge and skill to use. If someone only uses their camera to take selfies or random pictures of where they are, they might not want to spend extra money on the few pictures they take. I talked about this in the capstone, and in the presentation that I am also posting, I included three pictures that I took and compared them. I only added three as to not make it overwhelming for a presentation. On the main document, I included the argument of which form of picture taking is better and which is used more and why. I included specifications for the phone and one of the cameras that I used and compared then. Basically, I wanted to talk about how the evolution of the smartphone has affected how people take pictures and how this has affected dedicated camera companies such as Nikon and Sony.

Main Doc: