The meat of my project. I have a video but it's still being captured.



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Christian Fichera (Student 2013)
Christian Fichera


My name is Chris Fichera and my capstone is a talent show/concert. I started out working alone and grabbing idea's by myself. I came to the point where I thought I really wanted to work with music. So I decided to start to gather information on what I had planned out. Then I chose my mentor, Mr. Ames. I chose Mr. Ames because he usually helps me with a lot of my work and checks up on me at random times to make sure I'm on point. He understands what my capstone is and he normally asked to take a look at my work and what was done. As I was moving forward with my capstone, I gathered people to perform and from there it started to fall off. People weren't following through with me and I was always on their backs. From that point, I found out that Kim was actually doing a similar project, a talent show. She was pretty straight forward with almost the same aspects as mine besides her's being a profitable event. The event was profitable through kids smiles for kids with cleft lip. From that point, we started deciding to have snacks and where to have the event at. We talked to Joe Tartaglia and got the ok to have our show at the RIC RAC in south philly on 9th street between washington and ellsworth. May 4th, we got everything together and had the show at 4:30pm that day. All ended well, we had some fellow friends record some footage to be able to show at the day of presentation. This capstone was a success! Seemed to be a great experience.