Name: Tyler J. Morales

Mentors: Matthew N. Van Kouwenberg, Dr. Derrick H. Pitts

Capstone Summary:Reflected on my process of running and creating Project S.P.A.C.E. at The Franklin Institute to create a business paper outlining how to create a program.


Nowadays there isn’t a central format for how to create a program at an institution or organization.  Many people start their own programs from scratch because they have no real guideline for how to start. The hope for this paper is to teach the reader how to create a program step-by-step. The process of creating one includes 6 steps that cover it all: Creating an Idea, Create a Team and Present your Idea, Research, Experiment, Cycle of Refinement, and Make it Accessible to Youth/Adult to Join. The results are you get a functioning youth or adult program out of using this detailed process. The other results are the accomplishments of the students in Project S.P.A.C.E. which is used as an example for the paper.

Link to Business Paper