Octavain Davis Capstone Project

My reasoning for creating this journal was not only to display my basic creative writing skills, but also to come up with a product that would limit human contact. Due to my original plan being delayed by the covid-19 crisis, I decided to reconstruct my expectations for this project. My original plan consisted of raising awareness amongst people within the School District of Philadelphia regarding hate crimes amongst students. Additionally, I tried to encourage a positive start to the year of 2020 by creating the ¨Unexpected Compliment Dare¨. This was an activity for people to leave compliments towards others in the form of a video and post them on instagram. I did not go through with this plan because unfortunately people don´t like to do things out of kindness and the covid-19 virus appeared. Most wanted either a prize or some sort of major recognition. My next plan involved providing emotional support and building personal connections with detained individuals through penpal penmanship. However, this plan posed many challenges and safety concerns for me. Do you think I'm lying? Upon further research, one of my intended penpals not only threatened the judge on his release date, he proclaimed how much he hated America as well. This landed him back in prison. My second to last plan involved starting a fundraiser for people who contracted covid-19. Lastly, I didn't execute this plan simply because I became extremely paranoid when I went outside and I absolutely trusted no one online with my credit card information.