Car Theft

Des O’Donovan

Excuse me sir, you forgot to lock your... car.

Damn, he didn’t hear me. He just walked into that store. What an idiot, I mean seriously, what kind of moron just leaves their car unlocked in this neighborhood. Jesus, he left the key in the ignition. This is definitely getting stolen.

I should go inside and get him, and tell him to lock his stupid car. Man, if I had a car like this I wouldn’t let it out of my sight. How can you just leave a mercedes like this unlocked. Someone could get a lot of money for this. I know a guy who would buy a stolen car like this. Come to think of it I do need some money. More than that I need some food and a place to spend the night. It’s too damn cold out here.

I could just go inside the car for a bit, just to warm up. I’ll guard it so it doesn’t get stolen, nothing wrong with that. Ohhh, that’s nice, nice and warm. These seats are so comfortable, I could fall asleep in them, It’d be way more comfortable than my cardboard box.

Hey he’s got some groceries I here. I don’t think he’ll notice if one of these bagels goes missing, he’s got so many and he can always buy more.

Oh that’s good

I’ve got nowhere to sleep tonight. Maybe I could take this car to an abandoned lot or something, spend the night, and then return it to his house the tomorrow. His address should be on the registration form. Ah, here it is 1247 Maple Street, oh he lives in that really rich neighborhood. He probably had five more cars like this, what difference does it make if I take this one. After all I have nothing. There’s no one around, I could drive of, sell the car, and have my money in no time.

Wait this is crazy, I could get caught. I’ve already been arrested for theft before, I’m not going back to that prison. It won’t be like the last time, No ones going to walk into the living room, and catch me throwing jewelry into a bag like last time. I’m not going to get caught, I’m going to sell the car, I’ll get rid of the evidence.

Hey he also left his phone, god this car is a gold mine. I could get money for that to, huh, He’s got a picture of his kids as a screen saver. He’s got a boy, and a girl. Cute kids, look like they’re five or six years old. The boy kinda reminds me of my son at that age. He’s got the same wide smile. Of course I’m sure my son looks a whole lot different by now.

I haven’t seen him in eight years, since my ex wife took him away from me after the arrest. Maybe she was right to do that. What kind of a father am I. I’m a terrible role model, I’m stealing a car from some guy who’s got his own family to support. I don’t want my kid to live this way, and I don’t want to live this way either. But I need a place to sleep, It’s going to get below zero tonight, I’ll freeze to death. If I get arrested, at least I’ll still have a place to sleep. ( try to start the car)

Damn it, it’s out gas!