Caswell-Warnick, Morgan Network Post

To begin, my house is connected to the cloud. After that, the internet is connected to my house through an ISP wire, which connects to the modem. This is a Verizon modem. After it is connected to the modem, we have four laptops wirelessly connected to the internet at my house. We have my SLA MacBook, my step-dad’s MacBook, my sibling’s computer, and my mom’s work computer. Also, we have two iPhones on the network. We also have two printers, one is hardwired in through an Ethernet cable and the other is a wireless printer.

Our internet is password protected, through a very very very long and complicated password. So, we have a secure network. Also, we keep the modem on the first floor, so we have the strongest signal there. Although we have a relatively small network, most of the computers and phones are used on the first floor. So it makes sense to keep the modem there, so we have the strongest signal there.