Catherine Nardone - my song.

  • Share the first version of your refrán.

La ciudad del amor fraternal,

Una lugar único y orignal.

                          Grande esperanzas pero suenos rotos,
                          Todos carreteras ignotos.
                          Yo llamo a este casa.
    • What is your refrán supposed to communicate?
  • Our refrán is supposed to communicate that we live in the city of brotherly love, a place that's unique and original. A place where people have high hopes, but troubled dreams, where all roads are unknown. But, most of all that this is the place that we call home.
    • What are you especially happy about with your first draft?
  • Yes, we were happy about the first draft because of how we worded I think. It's deep, yet fun.
    • What would you like to improve about your refrán first draft?
  • I think that we would like to make it a little bit longer.
    • What was difficult about writing your refrán? 
  • The most difficult part was rhyming. We had a hard time doing that with only a limited amount of words that actually made sense with what we were trying to say and that rhymed well.