Cecelia Baez, Capstone :3

Project link: http://db.tt/Fq5apchH

Student: Cecelia Baez

Mentor: Patricia Pingitore

Topic Summary:

For my senior graduation project, my goal was to create a community event that invited the public to explore the idea of spirituality. To widen and open the perspective of the average America's focal point, and bring them deeper into themselves for internal happiness. Which leads to infinite happiness. 

Project Abstract:

When thinking of what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and feel the ability to do it. You have to feel inside of yourself. What does your core say? It says to be inspired. Be inspired with multiple perspectives. My project was an inspiration of a woman I met 4 years ago. She invoked my interest of feeling deep, but not deep into religion. After meeting her, I met a multitude of interesting teachers and spiritual beings that changed my life! This feeling of sitting for 10 minutes and emptying your thoughts. The emotion of knowing that your have control of your emotions. That there is so much more than this physical world, but a spiritual world deep inside of you. That we are not a soul that inhabits a body, but a body that inhabits a soul. This is our Earth journey. This is the Earth journey I wanted to make open and available for the public. So I reached out to professional teachers. People who have been studying a specific topic their entire life. It has been their lives journey to explore the depths of this. For I know plenty, but they are wiser. I then brought them together to fill class rooms with interest Adults, teens, and children. The vibrational energy was amazing, and it did so much good for many Philadelphian citizens. I was told afterwards to some day create another exhibit like this. For what I offered to the Public needs to be given more often. 

Wise, Edwin. "Chladni Plate." MAKE: Projects. Makezine.com, July 2012. Web. Jan. 2013.I found this source helpful because it was primary instructions onto how I will be building my Chlandi Plate. I used these materials and instructions to build a device that was able to visibly show the vibrations in sound frequency. It taught me that when place a set vibration, such as 12Hz, and placing fine sand on a metal vibration plate, it would form beautiful designs that is similar to what happens in our brains when listening to sound frequency during meditation. This was needed for the section of Sound Frequency that is being spoke about in my exhibit. Instead of speaking, I'd much rather show the audience what it looks like, since, seeing.. is believing. These vibrations put our mind into a trance. &This site did a very well job at making how to do so, possible.

"Astral Projection." YouTube. Ed. Spirit Science. YouTube.com, 18 Jan. 2012. Web. Jan. 2013.This source was very helpful because, it was the key source needed in order to explain Astral Projection. This blue figure really goes into depth about different ways, sources, findings on how to Astral Project. The difference between lucid dreaming and astral project. I feel it's a lot more productive to watch someone teach you, than to read about it in an article with hundreds of words. He makes spirituality and science so much fun! I also used videos of meditation, thought forms, and chakras from him.

"Interdependence." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 28 May 2013. Web. Jan. 2013.This source, not being the MOST reliable did set off a foundation of what I would be working with. Spirituality is not about the connection outside of the body, and looking out of yourself. It's not even about just YOU. It's about looking deeper INTO yourself, and connecting with the people around you. The world isn't a selfish, to yourself community. But an interdependent society that needs each other spiritually to go on intelligently. To begin this project, I needed some sort of foundation on what I believed interdependence is. Either way, the quotes and sources that even came from this one source really gave me some grave insight.

My events site for tickets:

http://eventful.com/philadelphia_pa/events/spirituality-exhibit-/E0-001-056489627-2 (I had about 5 different ones of these!)

Sullivan, John. "A Look At The 7 Chakras." 7chakras. FactStaff.elon.edu, 15 Aug. 2003. Web. 0 Jan. 2013.This source was a HUGE help to me knowing how to define Chakras. I already was very knowledge on Chakras and their duties. But how would I have explained it? It's more a feeling than an explanation. I love this way this man explained each Chakras ability, it's number, where to find it, and how to heal it. I used this source in my project as MY topic of speaking and how I benefit from healthy, well balanced chakras. It's hard to balance a Chakra. But it's only as hard as you allow it to be. I love simple definitions.

LaBate, Anette. "What Is Reiki Healing?" Reiki Spiritual Healing. Healingwithinu.org, n.d. Web. Jan. 2013.This site is not an article, but a website for services. I found this helpful because of the experience this woman provides for people. I used her knowledge in her pieces of blog and her explanation of healing with Reiki. I have had Reiki done to me before and I loved it. It was amazing and I felt everyone should have their own room for their own experience. I actually wanted this woman to speak at my exhibit, but she lived too far away and I ended up finding someone just as amazing! I didn't personally need much research on Reiki, because my teacher that I hired did it all, BUT, I did need to have an idea of how it was done and the things needed to measure Energy. For example I learned through her crystals and spinning a windmill with your hands through energy. Not through motions. It was magical! Just some things I'll be presenting.

The picture is just other of my project, I didn't physically make an object, so I just have a powerpoint I'll be presenting. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.19.10 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.19.10 PM