Cell Phone Stupidity #3

My last couple of blogs were explaining my reason behind creating these three blog posts. Again, my reason is because I feel humans have become stupider and more lazy over time due to the evolution of technology. The blogs I've already made had a lot of opinions, but this blog has facts and my own personal research.

This blog is my Post For Change! I am writing this blog to try and make a difference in society and help people understand that this is not something to just throw to the side. It's a problem that has been overlooked for years but never actually was taken seriously. But I'm taking it seriously and I will make a difference one way or another!


Over the past couple of weeks, I have become very curious to see if anything has been done to bring forth the issue I am discussing with you. Nothing has been talked about, or shown, or even thought about! Yes, people have talked about how technology has made people lazier and stupider over time, but it was not a huge issue in the whole world's eyes. But in my eyes it is. I am exhausted of dealing with people who do not how to put down their cell phone or their computer or iPad and just read a book or the newspaper. I realize that you're able to access all of these things from your mobile phone but it's a different feeling when you're reading ink. Your vision becomes better and your reading level goes up.

I kept thinking of all these different questions and their possible answers. So I decided to take a survey. The survey asked very simple questions and it gave me the answers I needed. Click here to take the survey.
I found out a lot about how many people have cell phones and how long they use them for. I sent my survey out to over 400 people but only 49 of them filled out the survey. However, I was not able to retrieve every single answer due to technical difficulties. My findings are shown below:

How old are you?
Years | How Many
 12            1
 13            0
 14           10
 15           17
 16            3
 17            6
 18           12
 19            0

Do you have a cell phone?
Yes | No
 47    2

How many years have you had a cell phone?
Years | How Many
  0             0
  1             2
  2             2
  3             6
  4             6
  5            12
  6             7
  7             2
  9             1
 10            2
 11            2

How many hours of the day do you use your cell phone?
    Hours  |  How Many   
< 1 or 1           6
      2               6
      5               1
   > 5              12

Do your parents have any restrictions on your cell phone?
Yes | No
  8    41

What grade are you in?
Grade | How Many
   9            30
  10            0
  11            0
  12           19

What is your grade point average? NO LYING!
GPA | How Many
 0-1         1
 1-2         0
 2-3         1
 3-4        17

Do you have a flip-phone or a touch screen?
Flip-phone | Touch Screen
     11                 38

Do you believe people have become less curious about things due to the evolution of technology?
Yes | No
 24   25

After analyzing my results numerous times, it shows me that when your a young teenager (14 or 15) that you tend to have a cell phone. Not only that, but you tend to also have a touch screen phone and a more high powered phone. It was shocking to me when I saw that more people thought humans have stayed the same over time and over the evolution of technology.

Change is not something easy to conquer, that's why I am working my best to find a way to make change. I want that change to be a result of this blog. So far, I have come up with a "No Screen Week." This week is a pledge to not use any type of technology (i.e. cell phones, computers, iPods) for ONE whole week. For many this is a hard task, but for many this is very easy. The date and way to spread the word about this is still undetermined. But it'll be sometime in the summer.

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Antoinette Hiller (Student 2015)
Antoinette Hiller

Over all, I think that your project is very well put together. i like your idea for your post for change. I think it's a great idea and I would like to see how many people will contribute to this but to be honest I don't think I could. Again I think this is a very good blog.