Character Story


After 30 seconds the target moved closer to where I stood holding my 9mm Pistol. Kay stood next to me as her target moved closer , we both stood behind the counter waiting to see our results. "Ha!, two long range shots to the head and chest, and I see no shots to the target not even the border. I think we have a clear winner, you normally win this game... what happend?." Christain gloated. "I don't know Chris, one more round before the night is over?" Kay asked."No I can't, Kareem has a game in a half at the REC." Chris answered in as he packed his things. "Well I don't know where you're from but I don't know of any high school that starts its games at quarter after 10…" Kay responded. Christain looked down at his GUESS Watch and to his amazement it was past 9:00pm. "Shit … damn, I thought it was going on 9." Christain yelled."No we were hear for almost 2 hours. Is he going to be mad?" Kay asked, she knows of Christain's history of forgetting to show up to his son's basketball games. Between work as a Detective and single parent, he sometimes forget these things. "Yea I have to leave now, what time is it?" Chris asked while putting his 9mm Pistol in his side case. "9:33 exactly…", Kay said. "The game should be in 4th quarter, I'll talk to you tomorrow…", Christain replied as he rushed to the front door.  "Okay bye Chri…", before Kay could say goodbye the door had closed behind Christain. Kay stays in the shooting range alone cleaning her gun before going home. She firmly holds her pistol in her right hand as she gracefully wipes the side of her firearm with a suede towel.