Character Story Part 2

As Kay is cleaning her pistol she notices a black figure from her top vision run across the back of the shooting range. "Hello…. Christain?" Kay shakenly asked. Kay began to load her pistol and she holds it in a firing position. As Kay stood behind the counter, several of the targets began to move towards her. While the targets are moving the black figure runs back and forth again, hiding behind the still targets. "Who else is in here?… Show yourself or I'll be forced to fire.", Kay loaded her weapon and was prepared to shoot. As she waited to see her target, the black figure emerges from behind one of the targets and stands in the middle of the shooting range. Its full attire was black and nothing on it's body was visible, with the exception of the eyes where you could see it's pure evil. The black figure raised its right arm, which held a 8 inch blade. Kay aims her weapon, and simultaneously the black figure began to run towards Kay. "Stop! Stop!", Kay yelled before firing six rounds at the black figure, however it continued to run towards her. Kay ran towards the door, but it was locked. 

As Kay turns to see the black figure, he stabs her on he left side before throwing her to the ground. Kay drags her body to her pistol but before she could grab it, she's stabbed in her left hand disabling her from grabbing anything. The black figure turns Kay around and for several seconds they stare in each other eyes, Kay looks at the black pupils of her killer and she is immediately stabbed directly in her chest by the blade.