Character Story Part 3

Christain arrives at the Rec. center at 9:51, as he pulls up, he see's Kareem sitting on the brick wall. "I thought you said you'll try to make it to his game", Kareem instantly asked his Dad. "I tried but I lost track of time, I'm sorry… did you score?" Christain knew his son was mad, but he tried to avoid his intense questioning by any means necessary. "Yeah 11 points, 2 assist, 1 steal, we won by 2… Earl made the game winning shot." Kareem said so his Dad wouldn't ask anymore questions. "My boy!, you hungry?" Christain asked. "No I just want to go home, I'm tired and I have to leave for school earlier tomorrow." Kareem said as he yawned and his eyes grew red. Both Christain and Kareem went to the car to finish their conversation. "Why?" "Because I have to help my group finish this project that's due tomorrow" Kareem had the habit of waiting to finish things at the last minute. "Oh yeah your documentary project, well you'll do good on it…" Christain told Kareem, his son had a passion for filming and video editing and wanted to have a career in the field. The REC center was only 10 minutes from their house, so they were home in no time.