Character Story Part 4

As Christain pulled up in front of his house, his cell phone rang. "You have your key?" Christain asked. "Yeah" "I'll meet you in there in a couple minutes let me take this call." Christain said, Kareem hated that his Dad worked a lot and his anger showed when he slammed the car door. "Yeah?" Christain said as he answered his phone. It was Police Chief Carl McFadden on the other line, "Christain we have a homicide I think you would want to see." he said. "Chief I can't, I already missed Kareem's game and I want to spend some time with him." Christain responded. "It's Kay… her body was found at the shooting range, she was killed… mutilated." Chief said. Christain closed his eyes and looked through his window to see Kareem stand at the living room door, he rolled down his car window and yelled," Kareem there was an emergency at the shooting range I have to go to, lock the doors, I'll be home before morning." Not surprised by his Dad's actions Kareem slammed the front door as well. Christain hung up on Chief Carl before speeding back to the shooting range. When Christain pulled up to the shooting range he saw the flashed of red lights, an ambulance team, several police cruisers, and a local news crew, he knew this was going to be a long night. While entering the shooting range, Christain felt the stares from other officers, he knew it wasn't good. In the shooting range,  there lied Kay.