Character Story Part 5

The left side of her face was slashed leaving at least a one/half gash across her face. The gash was oped deep to the cheek bone of her face and it was noticeable that whatever she was cut with, grazed her cheek bone. There were also several stab wounds to her chest, which her believed to be the cause of her death. Christain knelt and tried to touch Kay for one last time, but he wan't able to because her body had to be examined. As the paramedics began to examine Kay's body, Christain was called by Chief. Chief stood in front of a pistol and it resembled one of the standard police handguns. "Yes Chief", Christain answered. "Weren't you here with Kay tonight?" Chief asked. "Yeah but I left early so I could meet with Kareem at the Rec."  Christain pleaded his case. "Was their anything suspicious here tonight, anything Kay was doing that was out of the ordinary." Chief asked. "No… well besides the fact that Kay didn't hit anything, everything else was normal". Christain responded. "Kay? She missed her target?" Chief shockingly asked. "Yeah I thought that was strange to but I didn't think anything of it". 

Chief knelt down and picked up the black 9mm pistol from the side of his shoe. He examined the weapon carefully. "She had to fire it at her murderer the safety is off." Chief said as he turned it on.  Chief Carl took the magazine out of the 9mm Pistol and examine the bullets. "Chris, look!" Chief yelled. Christain turned to the Chief and looked at the bullets in the magazine. "They're blanks Chief, that must have been why she wasn't hitting the targets, she was firing blank bullets." Christain knew something wasn't right. "This wasn't a simple robbery, this was a set up… she was set up.