Chelsea Janette Smith_Capstone

Chelsea Janette Smith
Mentor- Senorita Manuel 
Advisor- Zoe Siswick
Capstone- Latin Dance

      1. Smith, Chelsea. 31 January 2013. January . Print. The reason I used myself was because I am the one who started this dance group and started doing the choreography. Also I’ve used myself because this topic happens to be close to my heart. This was a way for me to express my culture.

      2. Cruz, Benjamin. Personal Interview. 31 January 2013.
        Benjamin Cruz is my uncle on my mother’s side. When I was younger he taught me how to dance salsa. From there it grew into something much more and allowed me to love the dance and everything that came with it.

      3. Smith, Wanda. Personal Interview. 31 January 2013.
        My mother of course who has showed me what my heritage is. By making original latin cuisines and speaking her native language around the house. She also has helped me to understand who I am and what it means to be Puerto Rican.

      4. Guzman, Noemi. 31 Jan 2013. Jan . Print.
        The reason I used Noemi (my grandmother) is because she always taught me how to stay true to my heritage just like my other family members. She also was the one who help me to become more interested with my heritage by the foods as well as the language. No matter what she was the one who helped me stay true to myself and be able to explore myself even more.

      5. Valentin, Maricza, perf. Maricza Valentin & Jose Valdes Jr. (Latin Rhythms) perform 'Quimbara'. Perf. Jose Valdes. 2011. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        In this video it helped me get some ideas together for one of the songs that we will be performing (Quimbara). I came across this video after hearing the song and decided that this will be the perfect thing to dance to. I used this video because the performers are professional and I look up to professional dancers.

      6. 2008. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        This was actually the first video that I ever watched of a bachata dance. Once I saw this video I fell in love with the art of dance. I looked at this as a way to really show what a hispanic can do especially through a dance. It was also what inspired to me to explore more through a dance and learn more than what I knew.

      7. La, Alemana, dir. Ataca Jorgie & La Alemana. Dir. Ataca Jorge. 2009. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        In this video this where I learned ways to incorporate a group performance. Also the way that they move together is so graceful. This video also bought my interest because of the thought of being able to perform in front of people. As well as being able to get a positive response from people because they aren’t use to seeing this kind of dance.

      8. Kensinger, Tanja. Internet Chat Interview. 31 Jan 2013.
        Tanja Kensinger, better known as La Alemana is a professional latin dancer. She started dancing salsa in 2005 and began dancing bachata in 2008 with her partner Ataca Jorgie. She has continued to grow her love of salsa with her passion of bachata and teaches at one of the best dance schools in Fort Myers, Florida.

      9. Lopez, Jennifer. 31 Jan 2013. Jan . Print.
        The reason I am sighting Jennifer Lopez is because she is one of my role models. She has a love for salsa and seeing how much she loved her heritage gave me a look on how much I love mines. She also says how much salsa is important to her and just like its important to her its important to me.

      10. Fuego Dance Co. - Miami Salsa Congress 2012 (Saturday - Performance). 2012. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        Fuego Dance Co is a well known dance group in Philadelphia and the reason I used this specific video is because of how dedicated they are to dancing. In the video you see how the audio stops working but the dancers didn’t give up. They continued to dance and finish their performance and that’s what I like to see especially in a dance. Its takes a lot of determination and commitment to continue to go even when things go wrong.

      11. Fuego Dance Group 3-11/12. 2012. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.

      In this video I watched it mostly to get a feel of the way people were dancing to the song Promise. While watching this I loved the transition from bachata to salsa and how they were all confident and kept moving. Also I used this video to show my dancers how confident they should always be.

      1. Santos, Romeo, prod. Promise. Perf. Usher. 2011. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        This song is a new bachata original by Romeo Santos and has Usher featured on this song as well. I decided to use this because it has a beautiful beat and makes it a lot easier to dance and catch everyone’s attention. Also this was a very popular song so I know people will love to watch a dance that is done with this song.

      2. Anthony, Marc, perf. Valio La Pena. 2009. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        The song Valio La Pena (meaning “it was worth it”) happens to be a very popular song in my family. Especially when it comes to my Uncle and his love for salsa this happens to be a song that he really enjoys. I figured the best way to show this would be to have a dance for this and represents what this means from my family.

      3. Anthony, Marc, perf. Aguanile . 2007. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.
        When we first started to do the Latin Dance group I had went around and asked people what would we be a great performance song. It turned out that a lot of people loved the way Aguanile worked as a performance. I decided the best way to bring my audience attention in is through this song and from there they can get into the mood of the show.

      4. Cruz, Celia, perf. Quimbara. 2010. Film. 1 Feb 2013. <>.

      In this song I decided to take time out and just work with the people that wanted to do an extra dance. We decided to mix the song and make it a little shorter than the orginal song and from there work with the fast beats with this song. I figured this will really keep the audience entertained as well as on the edge for wanting more.

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