Chen: I have a ILP

My ILP is greenfield every Wednesday at 1:30pm at 22nd and chestnut. My first day was on September 30 and on that day I got assigned to helped the kindergarten. I also helped the teacher with getting things done. I really enjoyed helping the teacher and kids. I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know them better every Wednesday at 1:30, since, I find the kids to be so innocent and adorable. I find it really cool that the kindergarten get snack time everyday after recess which was interesting even though, they just came from lunch. They also get recess after the recess that, they just had. I had started this ILP since September 30 and noticed that they are assigned different things everyday. I noticed that sometime, they work on their alphabet and numbers which is important for the kid to get educated. It was interesting to see how hard the childrens in kindergarten was trying to get their alphabet and number correct. This ILP will defiantly help me in life to make sure if I really want to do something with childrens which is something that will be useful in the future.