Chernowski: I have an ILP

My ILP is working on Project Stargazer, a subgroup of project Space at The Franklin Institute. It is a student ran project creating virtual realities in space and using the Oculus Rift to perceive an environment, specifically space. On October 7th, I went to the Franklin to meet the team and I agreed to be part of their programming team. We were given an introduction to the language C++ and currently going through lesson plans to code a virtual game we can later use for the project as a whole. On October 14th we worked the the program Atom and had another crash course on the language. In order to learn the program, we are currently doing a mini side project and making a calculator and operating it in the terminal. What went well was that I get to work with my peers and feel fully comfortable with asking for assistance when I need it. I am really excited to actually be relearning C++ and using it for such an incredible project. I think this will really help me later down the road because I really want to pursue this further and learn even more, so having a good foundation is great. It also really helps with my part in Robotics as I can be of more assistance in a field I wasn't part of before.