Chernowski Slide


When starting my slide, the first thing I had to do was come up with my idea and how I can convey it easily and efficiently to others. I came up with the idea of ¨Lost¨, based on my life and experiences, and immediately thought of a lonely trail in the woods. I found the picture I wanted to use and sent it to back, so I can write text on it. I used a font that would be unique and can catches the reader's eye, I also made it large to read and remember. I placed the text to the lower left so that the rule of thirds are followed. I also didn't want the text to be near the middle of the page, so I made it slightly below the middle mark. The text color was a difficult situation. No matter what I did the color did not go along with the message I wanted to convey. I finally had the idea that the color should be transparent. It gives the illusion of being lost, perfect for my slide. I made the text outlined in white because it was brighter and more attractive than the black outline.