Chhievling Seng Capstone

I had done my capstone with TEVA Pharmaceuticals Internship. For my capstone, I had been giving out surveys to the current interns in order to assist my mentors on improving the program through positive and informative feedbacks. I had been giving out the surveys since the start of the school year and had been gathering them in order to evaluate what has been going well and what can be modified. The purpose of my capstone project is mainly to gather feedbacks and present them in a way that would allow my mentors to create new and more enriching activities for us current interns and new coming interns this summer. As a part of this project, I had created a website where I would use the survey responses to write about the overall experiences of the TEVA interns and my personal experience on collecting the surveys, analyzing the responses, and co-facilitating the Women in Stem Panel.

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