Chiara Nemati Capstone

A capstone seeks not only to inspire others in the community but also to inspire the creator. 

Through the course of this year I faced a few obstacles until I reached my final product. I was set on the idea of informing others and I wanted to participate in the teaching process that I have been a recipient of. 

I decided to use my skills as an editor and journalist for SLAMedia to begin writing and working with other students to create articles that displayed their opinions on the 2016 election. A capstone that effectively educates and inspires, creates an environment that invites other to join. Throughout the year I was able to get students to write on political topics and express their opinions. 

For writers such as myself, the easiest way to understand what was occurring in our nation was to turn to writing. Through the writing process not only does the author understand what is happening, they are also able to understand what must be done. The Trump administration has been full of uncertainty  and through this capstone I hope I have aided in giving the writers and readers some clarity. 

The pieces found in my magazine also exist on the SLAMedia website this medium provides a different outlook. In chronological order, a reader can see the growth of the community and learn about how the community reacted. I hope that after viewing my capstone each reader comes away with something that inspires them and instills hope in them.
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