Chiara Nemati Q2Media Fluency


I chose to present my Me Magazine this way with one slide because it applied many of the rules that Garr Reynolds addresses. Also this was a way that I was able to express myself in the best way possible. I wanted my presentation to be based upon my passion, I made it this way because I thought that this was something that expressed me very much and influenced me in the many ways. I wanted to add in a quote rather than just a title because I believe that it is a good way to show how much dedication and effort crew can take. I used the Rule of Thirds in a way with my slide, I put the quote in the top left hand corner but I kept the central image in that middle because as Reynolds states vision trumps all other senses. Also I incorporated Reynolds rule that my slide should make one point, so I decided to use rowing as my topic which is my passion. Although I only have one slide I kept to the visual theme and only added information about rowing.  To keep a fine edge I made the picture bleed off of the sides so there was not a random white background. This is why I designed my slide the way I did.

Reflection of Remake

I learned that blowing up your image is not always the best way for people to understand your one point. I shortened my quote so that it was easy for people to read and still understand the point I was trying to get across. I made my background black so that the other colors popped off. I made sure however that all of my colors contrasted. Also I shrunk my picture down so that it was smaller and the quote bigger. I wanted people to focus more on the quote because it gave more information that I wanted to the viewer. My teacher did not give me much information on this project, so I had many questions that I had to answer on my own. I had to find information on my own about ways to make a slide appealing and this helped me understand how to find trustworthy sites, also how to find information on my own. During the discussions I learned that color contrast is very important. I also learned that centering text and words are really important to a presentation. It can make all the difference when looking at it. These are things I learned and why I changed my project to what I did.

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