Child Sex Trafficking by Allison, Amanda, Zoe

Child Sex Trafficking

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Jesse Shuter (Student 2016)
Jesse Shuter

I thought your topic was a really important one. You made sure to include a lot of information, and your project was easy to understand. You made sure that the reader understood the topic well, and you touched on many important points. I thought that your group did a great job of using examples to show what actually happens to these children. It was a great project.

Nashay Day (Student 2016)
Nashay Day

I like the topic, and it has changed my opinion somewhat on child sex trafficking. I like the color scheme. You really brought up some really valid points! BRAVA!

Deja Johnson (Student 2016)
Deja Johnson

This is a great power point. You had a lot of valid information and very formal. This slide made me actually read, instead of just scan. Overall, it was a good job.