Childhood Obesity, What's Killing Our Future's

The you and the world is a project about YOU.  Well, you can kind of add the world to that statement as well, but that’s beside the point.  This project is about exploring a subject that you feel like exploring.  The only rule is that the subject has to be some type of world issue.  My topic is childhood obesity one of the biggest issues there is.

    Childhood obesity is important to me because I always feel bad about it.  Whenever I see an obese person, even if they are extremely mean, I pity them.   I wonder how they go through life without running, or any exercise at all.  I wonder what stress they must go through, and I pity them.


I have discovered that childhood obesity leads to depression through bullying, Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and sleep apneal.  These are all serious problems, and just add on to the already bad reputation being fat has.

            I wonder if there is any cure for obesity.  The reason I wonder if there is a “Cure” is because obesity is both a physical, and mental disease.  If an obese person concentrates on working out and losing weight, they might slip back into it again.

            My next step will be focusing on seeing if this disease has any cure.  If it does, I will research that, and then move on to any other cures that might exist.


Willie Willson, Signing out