Chocolate Covered Strawberries

By: Jules James


Dark chocolate chips (Milk chocolate chips are fine too but just note that they have less health benefits)

Coconut Oil

1 package of fresh strawberries



Put the chocolate chips in the pot

Put the pot on the stove

Put the stove on medium to melt the chips

Add the coconut oil

Dip the strawberries inside of the chocolate

Place a little bit of oil on the aluminum foil

Place the strawberries on the foil

Place them in the refrigerator to cool down 



Everything in this meal, which is dark chocolate covered strawberries,  is whole food. But the ingredients does contain calories, fat, and sugar. The body preforms a process called lipolysis to break down fats into glycerol and fatty acids. Then the fatty acids are broken down to receive energy, which is called gluconeogenesis. And to break down sugar, the enzymes from the saliva in your mouth  starts off by breaking down the carbohydrates and once the food is swallowed it digests in your stomach. Once your food gets there your stomach will break down carbohydrates into sugar molecules and molecules will pass through the lining of your stomach and gets sucked into your bloodstream. I believe that the dark chocolate is imported from Africa because it holds about half of the cacao species, the strawberries was imported from California, and the coconut oil is imported from Europe, which means the dark chocolate traveled the furtherest by a land-slide. This meal traveled 14532.0699miles to get to me, which is very far to only cost $17 for the whole meal. Even thought this cost way more than a Big Mac meal it's also more healthy and very fulfilling and it also benefits Walmart, Pathmart, Whole Foods, and the farmers. 

Dark chocolate is not only delicious but it's also very good for the body. Because the main ingredient is cocoa beans, which contains antioxidants, this helps fight off heart disease and keeps your organs and cells in tip top shape. Dark chocolate is also know to keep your blood pressure low. These are all benefits that milk chocolate does not provide. But the reason for it's chocolatey goodness is because it also have sugar and fat inside of it. These fats are called oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. Dark chocolate has 160 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, and 12 grams of sugar.

Along with the dark chocolate I will also be using coconut oil. Coconut oil is fatty oil from coconuts. This oil is much healthier than vegetable oil but it doesn't provide any evidence based benefits. It's suppose to protect your body form Alzheimer's disease but their is no proof of that yet. Coconut oil have 120 calories, 14 grams of fat, and no sugar.

And lastly, we have the fruit, which is the strawberries. Strawberries are not only delicious by themselves but taste even better dripped in chocolate. But strawberries alone lowers a person's risk of cancer and it also lowers blood pressure. This is because strawberries contain phytonutrient and potassium. Strawberries contain only 20 calories, zero grams of fat, and only 3 grams of sugar. Basically chocolate covered strawberries is very healthy.


Throughout the food section, I've learned that two thirds of America is either obese or overweight. The obesity level in the world today is increasing every year and one if the reasons for this is because we don't buy enough organic foods but more fatty sugary non-organic foods. I've figured out that heart disease is the number one reason of deaths in the U.S. and that's because of the obesity level. But the part of the world that is mostly effected by this is the southeast side. They are seen as the most unhealthiest part of the U.S. And studies have shown that watching too much TV, playing games, and being on the computer is the main way to become obese. We lack of exercise and eating right and this hurts us a lot. And from the TED talk I've also learned that eating school lunch is definitely not the way to go and people today is ignorant about how to show the correct way. 

Something I could change in my food choices is first how much I eat. I know that non-organic foods are not good for you but it's not like you can't eat it, you just can't eat a lot of it. And other thing I could change is what I eat. I need to try to intake more fruits and vegetables than sugar. I could also keep a calorie tracker, eat healthier, and exercise more. But making these changes I would have more energy lose some weight, and become happier. I will try to commit to make these changes.

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