Chris Tran's Capstone

    Hi, my name is Chris Tran. Today I’m going to talk to you about my capstone that I have been working on over the past few months of the school year. A capstone is a graduation project that can be on any topic of your choice. I decided to choose something that I have been passionate about and that was to fundraise and donate money to Doctors Without Borders to specifically provide them money to help them on their mission of aiding the world. Also another reason why I donated to Doctors Without Borders because they were accepting donations to provide care for those who are ill with Ebola. I believed that all I could do is do my best to fundraise a specific amount of money to help them with their mission. I also dream that someday I could have an opportunity to do a fundraiser by myself. The process that I took to complete this project is really easy at times, but it can be difficult. The easy part is to make a website that provides the people on the web information about Ebola. I used information composed by research and compiled them into a website. Then I went out and went store-to-store asking for donations to support my capstone. When I ask them for donations, I give them a card that has all of my information as well as a link to my website. I ask them to read it and spread the information that they have learned about Ebola to people that they know. At times asking for donations is difficult because they aren’t as open to donating, but I later learned that there is a technique to talking to others and I used that to my advantage.

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