Christ-Mess by. Serge Mass

Serge Mass Christ-mess

Oh my god! I am just so excited for christmas Tommy, you do not even know. What do you want santa to bring you? (take a pause)

Oh thats cool and let me get my list from my mom or see if she has it. Give me a second…  

Hey mama do you have my christmas list that you mailed to santa, I wanna tell Tommy what I want Santa to get me. (take a pause)

No I can’t wait, I need it now i’m on the phone with him now! (open up the door)

Mom… wait… what is… that? Wait woah what are you doing with Need For Speed: Most Wanted? Toys for Tots don’t accept video games and Ian already got it……… Wait… is that for… Me?

Mom, are you santas helper? hahaha I knew it! (Take a break and observe)

How mom? There is no way he is fake. Nooooooooooo! (take a break)

Uhh Uhh! (say with confidence) Mom, all my friends all get gifts from Santa except for JJ because he is jewish and he gets presents from his parents but, you… you just don’t undewwstannndddddd! There is no way that you can buy me these gifts mom, its just too much… Santas elves made these presents. (take a break)

Fine then mom please tell me how “santa is fake”! (wait a little bit)

So I sat on some guy that was dressed up as santa at the mall for the last 7 years?

Uhh Uhh you and pop would ever lie to me, not for the last 7 years no way! Anyways last week you guys told me to never lie. When… when I threw my lunch box at JJ last week and I told my teacher I didn’t and I lied… you… you got really mad. Well now I am mad mom… you two lied to me.  I don’t understand… why, why would parents lie to their children for all of these years?!?! (take a break)

Mom that makes absolutely no sense at all, but if you say so, then I guess it’s true just like SANTA BEING REAL! Ugh I… just cannot believe this. Well how will I do this for my kids when I get older? I don’t want to lie to them! ( take a break)

Well… I guess I understand, but when do I tell them… when do I break the truth to them? (Take a break)

What do you mean “I will know when the time is right”? I just found out the hard way mom. Ugh you… you are just… I don’t know… Wait… wait… wait a minute. I guess this was the time! Ohhhhh I understand now… I have got to tell everyone!

*runs to grab phone and starts dialing*

Tommy guess what I found out?!