Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

By. Emmanuel Kouadio

Full of excitement my cousin Ronnie came into my room and woke me up. After he woke up I realized it was the 25th day of December, Christmas. I went down stairs to go see what my family had in store for me. When I got downstairs my cousins and their parents were happy and excited. To me it was just another day, a day that I loss and couldn’t regain. When I came downstairs I saw my uncle Ronnie, his wife Linda, and their two kids Jason and Caroline. I greeted everyone.

I went to go sit down for a traditional family breakfast, waffles and bacon. My cousin Caroline was telling me how she was because her parents got the wrong colored shoes for her. I told her that she should appreciate what her parents brought her. Some kids didn’t receive any gifts today, so therefore we should be grateful for what we have. I got a little deep into explaining to her, since she was a 10 year old spoiled girl that gets anything from her parents. I told her that she should cherish her gift especially is someone went out their way to get gifts and thought about you.  When you don’t appreciate a gift that can hurt someones feelings. She apologized to her mom, even though she didn't mean it.

What is the reason for Christmas anyway? I felt hurt, but I tried to have fun with my family. I never figured the reason of Christmas until one day something major happened. Today marked the three year anniversary of my parents death. They died on Christmas Eve from a head on car collision. Ever since my parents died I have been trying to figure out “Who am I?” and what can I do to honor my parents. That questioned ran through my head ever since they passed. I really miss my parents and sometimes I just feel like crying, but I realized that I have to be happy, live up to my expectations, and become the man my parents expected me to become.

I’m Jason Henson a smart 13 year old orphan who is mixed into society, living with my uncles middle classed family. Since my parents died I have been living in Brooklyn, New York a rough neighborhood where dreams are hard to come true or even exist. My uncle and aunt are pediatrician’s at Lennox Hill Hospital near our home. Me and my cousin Ronnie are the same age and are in 8th grade, while Caroline is in 6th grade. I finished my delicious breakfast and went over to sit with my family. Their were gifts of different shapes and sizes waiting for me. I started to let a tear drop because I was so happy. I thanked them because it showed how much they loved me. 

After my family gave me my presents I asked to take them to my room, so that I can open them by myself. Caroline and Ronnie finally learned to appreciate presents from loved ones. I opened all my gifts and was happy. I had new sneakers, clothes, games, and a lot of money from friends and family. I put all my gifts on one table and I realized I had one gift left. I went to open my gift. It was in an envelope, so I thought it was more money. I opened it to see a moral of my parents. This was the best christmas memory ever.

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