Christmas Village Dream with Katrina

Christmas Village Dream with Katrina

By: My Truong

Sitting in my room with my hot chocolate. The smell of it reminds me of the Christmas Village. Katrina, you told me that you were there a couple days ago and it was beautiful. You’re so lucky! I had always wanted to go to that place at night, seeing the sparkle of light, look at the high tall Christmas tree that I will never get to go. My family alway want to keep me in the house sitting and doing my homework. Come on now, does it look like I'm three? (ugrrrrr). I'm sixteen, maybe not old enough to do wild things but I’m old enough to go  see the village with my friends, right?

A sixteen years old girl don't sit home and look at the television, watching Korean drama in bed, whining, and smelling the Christmas season. Look at how beautiful it is outside! Can you see the light sparkling, the smell of snow, the cold air that you breath in? Why do I have to sit here and drink chocolate ? ( silence for a second.) I don't get it. We live in America now. Even if we live in Vietnam at this age, I can do whatever but I guess not. They think it’s dangerous to go out at night. I hate that. It’s like a life in jail.

Wow what you said is not a bad idea Katrina, look at how big that window is. I could still totally fit through that window. Using a long rope, then climbing out to escape, but I don't know how to climb the rope. I could walk slowly downstairs and sneak out the house like you said, but are you sure that my mom wont find out? I don't think that’s safe. Maybe I should just ask them to bring me, but I want to to go with you guys. I’m stuck here with my family. But even when I asked them to bring me they will be like “I don't know the way” or “I’m busy.”  See, this is what I hate whenever I asked them. They say they are busy but whenever they ask or should I say whenever they told me to go they can't even wait for five minute so I can finish changing.

Ugrrrrrrr Katrina help me I don't want to stay home anymore (crying). I don't even understand why I have to do this. I can't stand it anymore. Can they ever understand strict parents creates sneaky kids?  Yes, maybe I can't go to the village at night or escape the house to sleep over your house but they don't know what I do in school. They told me I shouldn’t have a boyfriend but it looks like that rule doesn't apply to me. I could always find a way to hang out with him. I could always understand they want the best out of me but also making me become like one of those sneaky little girls is not the best out of me.  The escape plan is on, but I have a better idea and a safer one too. I will try to ask my mom to let me go to your house for a sleepover and if she agrees, we go from there.  (Someone knocks on the door so they stop the talking.)

That scare the crap out of me. I didn't know what to say when she ask me what we were doing in here. Then I saw a bunch of markers on the ground so the plan was that we were doing our project. That came to my mind. Good thing I said that.

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