Chuckie Copeland Capstone

I set about my capstone with a grand envisionment that it would encompass everything I wanted my capstone to be, a digital time capsule that new generations of SLA students can access and reflect on from the new SLA location. It would be full of photos, interviews, and possibly videos, all showing what the old SLA looked and felt like. I compiled some articles about the school move, took a handful of photos but I was never able to fully take video and therefore had to scrap that part. At that point however I was midway through the year, I had to buckle down and focus before it got too late. 

I realized there reason I had not taken videos was the fact I was too broad in my capstone focus, therefore I decided that SLA moving schools should be my top priority. I set my sights on something more realistic and tangible, rather than trying to force my capstone to be exactly what I wanted it to be. I spent the rest of the year taking time to interview teachers and students from each grade so I could get a wider and more balanced view on the feeling of the SLA move. Since the interviews were to be my main focus, I adjusted my website accordingly, less text in favor of more listening. The website is mean to let the interviews I took, speak for themselves so as not to dilute the opinions and generalize the feeling of those I interviewed, and let their voices be heard. I am happy with the way my website ended, a concise clear picture of the SLA community in 2018 at its most candid.