Cigarettes: The Murderous Crop that Kills Humans

Hello readers, if you’ve read my previous post on cigarettes the you’ll know that i’ve put in many hours of research proving to you how bad cigarettes and smoking is. I’ve also been trying to convince you to stop smoking if you already was or to not smoke. If you haven’t read that post here . In that document you can see all of the research I have conducted online and summed up based on the different websites I visited. In there contains facts on lung cancer, chemicals in cigarettes and much more but I wanted more. I wanted to get deeper research and a more human answer not just from online. So what i’ve done over these past weeks is interview 2 doctors asking them questions about smoking and its effects on the human body and why they think it’s so addicting. I also interviewed a dentist who happens to be my friends dad to talk about cigarettes effects on oral health. Here is the interview with a MD. Basically what he talked about in the interview and went over five different questions that I asked him over a period of around 10 minutes and gave me good, thoughtful answers that were very detailed.

The first question I asked him was some health risks of smoking and the first thing that he responded with was what I put in my first document which was kung cancer. He described it as basically a tar build up; and he has seen a human lung which was filled with tar and other chemicals from cigarettes. He also explained to me that if the person that smoked  just stopped smoking for even about 5 years the lungs would have regenerated because that’s one of the traits they have and that means the lungs would have been able to retract and allow air to come in and out. This has a lot to do what a neurologist that came to my school to speak last year about smoking and he said smoking makes the brain work 10x harder using 10x less of the help then it had before. He told us that smoking reduces the oxygen flow to the brain and that also happens to the heart. Speaking of the heart, Another question that I asked Dr.Michael Mccoy was about another major organ in the body. The heart. Dr.Mccoy told me that there is less oxygen being pumped to the heart and that means less oxygen that is being pumped and that means less oxygen that is going to the body. The last major question that I asked him was what major cause comes from smoking. He responded to me with a strong answer in a sense. It was one of those answers that you think about after you hear. The answer he gave was death. Death is the 1 repercussion of smoking and if you think about it is, every other disease or dysfunction leads to death.