Civil Rights Act of 1964

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Jesse Weinberg

Process paper

National history day


My Topic was how the process it took the Civil rights Law to sign into the act. I choose this topic because without this law beginning signed into place there would America would not look like the way it is formed today. A lot of things would be separated with individuals going to separate places due to their ethnicity and race. The majority of individuals do not realize how hard it was to get Freedom for African Americans and what had to be done.   Equality is the biggest issue that was around.   Equality was the biggest issue because people who believed in non -violence and got murdered just for trying to make peace.  Just because people believe in non- violence do they deserve to die just for trying to make changes in society? Some of the individuals that got murdered was MLK,  Gandhi just for believing in non- violence and making changes in society.  This made me realize that certain individuals can be really cruel to people and do things just for no reason just because they can but in the end they got what they deserved what was their death.  To this day I still wonder why people who try so hard to get what they have to be murdered just for no reason. Even though a law was signed and passed there is still people that are still prejudice towards other people.   The design I chose to do was a weebly. I choose to do a weebly because I thought it is the best way to organize information and the clearest way to present the information The way I went about going and doing research is that I went to different websites containing different information. One of the best websites I went to was the digital website which gave a lot of information. This one website helped me a lot for the project. It taught me a lot that I didn’t know about the civil rights act law being signed into law and also a lot of new information that I didn’t know about.  The civil rights law taught me a lot it taught me not to be judgmental towards others people and it taught me how hard you have to work to get want you want. Doing this research made me realize that certain individuals can be so cruel to others and that people have to ignore them and continue being who you are. Don’t let other bring down the person you are. Continuing and being that you are will have a positive effect in the long run.  Being an individual that brings other people down will have a negative impact on you latter down the road. People will have a difficult time understanding of this.  “ What Comes around Go around.”  As the saying goes. This saying plays a key factor in society. Most people don’t realize that this saying can play a major role down the road.