Clash of Cultures Questioning

1.  Using the sources contributed to the shared google spreadsheet of primary documents, decide on a question you would like to explore related to Manifest Destiny and the impact on the Native American people as a result.

2.  Scan the list of sources, identify 5 that you would like to analyze as they relate to answering your chosen question.  Choose as least one visual source (map, poster, photograph, cartoon)

3.  Register for an account with and

4.  Using thinglink, analyze one of your visual sources.  Drop tags on the image to analyze the information.  When you are done editing tags, do "View Image"

5.  Log in to your account.  Install the bookmarklet for adding links.  When you create your page, title it with the question you are answering.  Then add in your thinglink image and 4 additional primary document sources.  The should include writing that analyzes the source.

Goal is for you to utilize a new way of presenting information, that is shared, and interactive - while investigating the clash of cultures that transpired when the colonists and American citizens started pushing West.