Claudia Bonitatibus' Capstone

Since the beginning of the year my capstone has taken many different forms. The original plan took the form of a book club focused around the Free Library of Philadelphia’s One Book, One Philadelphia program and organizing events outside of school, including composer Jennifer Higdon's opera based on Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain. I also incorporated a physical portion to act as a tangible representation of our interpretation of the text. Since my project involved leading a book group, a key component of my capstone was collaboration because I had to get the group members' input in order for the project to run smoothly. However, over the course of the year my capstone became less book club oriented and more project driven. I created this project by analyzing and illustrating quotes that the book club members picked from their reading. Each of these books represents a major theme of the book, such as resilience, mobility, and hope for the future. In creating the final product I had to do research to gain background knowledge of the historical setting and fully engage with the text. I also include a brief summary about the historical context because the historical setting of Cold Mountain plays a major role in the tone of the book and the fundamental questions that it presents to the reader. This was accompanied by a description of the major characters, which is critical in order to be able to comprehend and interpret the quotes that I go on to analyze later on in the project.